Glass doors
- Stainless steel and Glass doors add richness, light, beauty and charm to any doorway or corridor.
- They do not swell from exposure to moisture and bring visual openness.
- Resistant to termites and other insects.
- Cannot rust, peel, come off or corrode.
- Custom made to individual requirements.

Glass Partitions
- Can give your office a modern, spacious look by maximising on natural light, which also has advantage of reducing your energy bills
- It also helps to lower noise levels and provide some amount of privacy in the office working environment
- Sliding glass wall systems can save space
- Made from safety glass and extremely easy to clean

Examples of our work below or click here to see our portfolio >>>

Glass doors and partitions

Glass partition @ Private residence

Wine room @ Private residence

Private residence (GTA)

Private residence (GTA)
Glass railings, Glass partitions, Powder coated aluminum Gate

Private residence (Greater Toronto Area, ON)
Stainless steel railing system, glass door and window frame

The Great Hall (Toronto, ON)
Kick plate, countertop, glass door and TV screen behind double sided mirror

Railings and Glass partitions @ Private residence