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MNR Custom Metal, a company that produces exceptional quality custom-made metal items, is launching its own lines of architectural and interior products with its partner Feeel Design – all this thanks to our competition! Why should you take a closer look at these companies if you are a designer?

TWA Hotel ballroom doors by MNR Custom Metal.

In 2021, the Canadian manufactory MNR Custom Metal turned 10 – a considerable age for a company created from scratch. At such moments upper management tends to sum up the results and plan innovations that would bring new opportunities and development. Especially since the pandemic year, as it has shown us that everything in the world can get complicated in seconds. That same year, the company received the Feeel Design World Prize in the special Prize of Industry Category for the most complex project the TWA Hotel. The hotel is located in the first JFK airport terminal in New York, designed by Eero Saarinen.

MNR Custom Metal had designed and manufactured eight-giant-section doors standing at six meters high and over ten meters wide for The Ballroom. The doors are made of patinated bronze and steel; inspired by means of historic blueprints; and nearly weighing One Metric Ton including each of the 8 segments. Even more astonishing are the 13,000 authentic bronze bolts and rivets for finishing and installation that were produced and covered with custom patina specifically for this project. In addition to all this, transporting these massive doors and installation was another feat in itself.

Door sections for TWA Hotel. Production process.

An indicator of the sophistication involved in this project is that it had been abandoned by 18 firms before MNR accepted the challenge!
It just shows the level of challenges that Engineers, Craftsmen and Company Management face in their daily work. Surprisingly this occurrence happens quite often with such complex and massive metal products that are ordered by corporate clients such as: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Head Offices, etc.

You already know Feeel Design as a founder of the Feeel Design World Prize competition. However, in the past, the company had been already engaged in design and production of projects with Contractors and Clients, including MNR. Now the companies have decided to combine their efforts and simultaneously develop mass-production of metal items as well as the artistic products of increased complexity, which could be of interest to interior designers and connoisseurs of art.

Today MNR is working to produce those items of our participants that have won prizes in the Feeel Design World Prize competition. MNR has also become a permanent partner and sponsor of the Metal Art nomination, where unique objects will appear to decorate the most interesting interiors of our planet.

Organic Series. Concept Design: Ariel Palanzone / The winner of Feeel Design World Prize 2021.

Feeel Design and MNR, in particular, will focus on the launch of a line of architectural products including a variety of partitions, holders and wine storage systems, which are high in demand by both restaurants and private clients. In addition, the assortment of the company will also include frames for pictures and mirrors of various shapes and materials and be produced under the Feeel Design brand.

These products, unlike custom projects, will be available for express order and production. As a result, they will have an attractive price and technical solutions for easy installation available to individual contractors.

Modular rack «Fragment». Design: Sergey Dedin / The winner of Feeel Design World Prize 2021.

Despite all the difficulties that the last three years have brought Michael Rybalov, the head of MNR, he is passionate about the development of his company and the craft of metal fabrication. As a preliminary from MNR, with the involvement of Feeel Design, they have already released several products by international famous artists, designers and corporations. Implementing expansion of “their relationship” with materials such as: Natural Stone, Glass, Wood and Plastics have already been added to the metals and alloys of the company’s marque selections: Bronze, Brass, Steel, Aluminum and Copper.

Mirror. Design: za bor architects / The winner of Feeel Design World Prize 2021.

Eugene Pinchuk, Head of Feeel Design, enthusiastically comments on the collaboration of new opportunities of the two companies; addressing the designers: «We work a lot, not only in Canada, but also for our neighbours from the USA. Our prices are very pleasant for them, especially if we compare with New York City, where our projects can already be found in many banks and restaurants. So, if you have projects in Canada and the USA, or even in Europe or the Middle East, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to MNR Custom Metal and Feeel Design. First of all, you can expect interesting designer products under the Feeel Design brand, created as a result of the Feeel Design World Prize competition. Secondly, it may turn out that complex structure and metal products will cost you less than local production, even taking into account delivery and customs fees.

This is especially important for those projects where the top quality is required –the list of MNR clients says it all – and that includes not only the historic TWA Hotel, but also Canada’s largest Pearson International Airport, HSBC and Scotia Bank, Google Offices, The National Center for the Arts in Ottawa, Ritz Carlton and Marriott Hotels, and dozens of other corporate and private clients who tend to be even more sophisticated».

So, feel free to send your custom items to MNR for a pricing calculation and of course, send your projects to the competition. This is an opportunity to express yourself & stand out, to get the opinions from the most famous designers and to win great prizes such as the most coveted: MNR craftsmanship according to your drawings and concepts into full production.

Organic Series. Concept Design: Ariel Palanzone / Developer: Mateo Allen & Francisco Ala / Palanzone Studio / ALA design / Kamado B10 / Fábrica de Luz / The winner of Feeel Design World Prize 2021.

Source: Feeel Design World Prize.


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